Ultrasound Shows Emperor Palpatine Is Alive And Well As A Fetus

By Nick Venable | 8 years ago

Generally, it’s kind of cute when a baby boy’s face shares similarities with that of an old man, albeit in a slightly creepy way. But it’s usually a case of bald-headed chubbiness, like an Alfred Hitchcock look-alike, and not one of the most evil men who has ever existed in a far, far away galaxy a long time ago.

When unsuspecting Illinois couple Toby and Heather Large went to get an ultrasound to mark Heather’s 20th week of pregnancy, they were shocked to find out that she was actually harboring science fiction’s equivalent to the Antichrist inside her womb. Perhaps it’s just a coincidence, but the ultrasound picture appears to bear a strong resemblance to Star Wars‘s Emperor Palpatine, and one has to assume that Toby Large’s lightsaber glows bright red. But that might just be an unrelated medical problem.


Once the picture’s unique resemblance — and seriously, this is so much better than Jesus French Toast and Nixon potato chips — came to light, Toby says, “Everyone in the room had a laugh, including our eight-year-old daughter Hannah and the ultrasound technician.” It probably didn’t take a second thought once the tech offered to include the image on the take-home CD they received. And once the picture was uploaded to Toby’s webpage, it took very little time for the Internet to take notice and sent half running while the other half stood around curiously, wondering how they’d look in Galactic Empire Black.

“And now Heather is both amused and slightly disturbed that images of her uterus are making the rounds on the internet,” Toby says, forgetting to point out which chapter of the Kama Sutra contains the “Force” position.