There Are More Unexplained UFOs Than You Know, US Government Declassifying A Report

By Doug Norrie | 3 months ago

ufo saucers

UFO sightings are having a moment right now. This last year has been very big for unexplained phenomena happening in the skies above us and things are starting to get dialed up even more. It’s one thing to get a random report of something weird object in the sky from a crank conspiracy theorist. We are all used to that sort of thing. But these next few months could put the aliens-are-real and the government knows about them discussion into a new light. That’s because apparently there’s a government report coming out soon that will basically admit UFOs have been here and our leaders aren’t exactly sure what to do about it. 

This latest UFO news comes from a (mostly) reputable source all things considered and points to a report that will release which is sure to stir the proverbial alien pot when it’s all said and done. Former Director of National Intelligence under Donald Trump, John Ratcliffe jumped on with Fox News to do an interview. He really didn’t mince words about what he knew concerning the great many possible extraterrestrial vehicle sightings the government has documented over the years. Here’s what he had to say on the subject:

“Some of those have been declassified. And when we talk about sightings, we are talking about objects that have seen by Navy or Air Force pilots, or have been picked up by satellite imagery that frankly engage in actions that are difficult to explain,” he continued. “Movements that are hard to replicate that we don’t have the technology for. Or traveling at speeds that exceed the sound barrier without a sonic boom.”

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There’s not a lot of ambiguity in Radcliffe’s statement here. He obviously was already at the highest level of governmental clearance (presumably) when it comes to these kinds of UFO briefings and would have almost definitely had access to this kind of information in some form or another. He goes on to expand some of what he’s detailing as well saying these aren’t the glitches of the human eye or a mistake with certain technological functioning. Oftentimes these unexplained blips or sightings are across multiple platforms or are seen by people and then corroborated by radar or sonar. Which is all to say, it’s looking more and more likely that we’ve had alien craft in our atmosphere and it might have even happened quite a bit. 

There’s no detail about which report is coming out that will back up these claims by Ratcliffe. But it could have something to do with some language that was, for some reason, tied into the recent Covid-19 relief bill. That laid out a plan requiring the government to release anything and everything it had about possible UFO encounters. I suppose in the old, 2020 couldn’t get any weirder category, the conventional *wisdom* was to just wrap all of this stuff up together and call it a day. Either way, the clock is ticking for government agencies to make public whatever they have had, explainable or not, to the public in the next couple of months. 

There was tons of UFO news over the last year with sightings way up during the pandemic months more than anything. The most recent dust-up was a sighting of something odd over the New Mexico desert. It was there that an American Airlines pilot spotted a silver tube-like structure that streaked over the top of the plane. As of this writing, the Federal Aviation Administration is on record saying they can’t explain the sighting. 

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Again, this year is gearing up to be the year of the UFO. If Ratcliffe’s claims have even a shred of authenticity, and there’s good reason to suspect he’s speaking the truth here as he knows it, then we could be getting some bombshells dropped about other UFO sightings and maybe even proof positive that aliens have in fact visited Earth.