UFOs Spotted Over Pennsylvania, Unless They Were Something Else

By Joelle Renstrom | Published

Paxton-Township-UFOWe haven’t had a good UFO sighting story in a while. And lest you think they’re not out there anymore, this week has yielded a couple of sightings from Pennsylvania, which reported 30 for the month of July (there were 104 reported cases in California, which surprises no one).

Stephanie Wilkerson of Lower Paxton Township saw something in the sky on Monday that she initially thought was an airplane, but when it hovered there changing colors for roughly 20 minutes, she knew she was looking at something else. Wilkerson, who I should probably mention was enjoying a glass of wine at the time (what kind? Inquiring minds really want to know), recorded the object on her cell phone (thank the stars for technology) and then, just to make sure she wasn’t crazy or seeing anything, she called her husband and a neighbor over. He suggested that maybe she was looking at a planet, then the object turned yellow. Wilkerson called the police, and said that the responding officer, as well as the sergeant and corporal, all had a look and agreed that whatever they were seeing was “out of the ordinary for the night sky.” Local airports confirmed that no aircraft were in the sky that they knew of. Dun dun dun.

Apparently, other reports of a similar sighting were made in the area throughout the week. There’s been some conjecture that they were memorial lanterns gone rogue, certain types of clouds, or an atmospheric phenomena similar to lightning called sprites.

But what about the next sighting, which occurred on Tuesday? A man flying a quadcopter recorded an object that also hasn’t been identified. It drops down from the top of the screen about 30 seconds into the video below. It just so happens that the man flying the copter is the Executive Director of a society that recently hosted a talk about the paranormal—maybe believing is seeing?