Scientists Are Building Device To Capture Hi-Res Photos Of UFOs

By Doug Norrie | 3 months ago

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As we search the skies for signs of other life, there seems to be a renewed energy from some scientists who want to start by simply proving that it’s out there, to begin with. With more and more UFO “sightings” over the years, it stands to reason that if those little (or big) buggers are out there, we are going to catch a glimpse of them at some point. And one guy wants to build the technology to give us an even better chance at making it happen. In an interview with The Guardian (via Futurism), Harvard’s Avi Loeb says that he and his team are in the process of building a hi-resolution camera which will be able to capture full-proof evidence that UFOs are out there, and aren’t too far away. 

With a number of different projects focused solely on finding proof of UFOs out there in the cosmos (or close to home) Avi Loeb and his team at the Galileo Project have one of the more interesting initiatives going. Their plan is to build a network of telescopes all over the world that are constantly scanning the skies for anomalies. With this persistent image capturing, the hope would be to catch a hi-resolution image of a UFO in flight. Apparently, the first of these telescopes will sit atop the roof of Harvard’s observatory. Loeb and company, in this way, are working to provide definitive proof of UFOs to the masses, something we have failed to get in any meaningful way so far. 

It makes sense that Loeb and company would be on the hunt for UFOs, especially in terms of solid, non-grainy/ conspiracy theory-looking photos on the subject. Up until this point, we’ve mostly gotten only fuzzed-out images, squint-to-see-it pictures of possible UFOs. But with the government making more potential sightings part of the public record, and some other revelations possibly coming down the road, the time is ripe for this kind of thing. Loeb, far from a conspiracy theorist around UFOs, wants to build a network of others who are on the lookout as well, credentialed and credible sources with the technology to back it up. It’s the best chance to get that photo once and for all. 

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And while we haven’t quite locked down the definitive proof that UFOs are, in fact, out there, Loeb continues to be at the forefront of the public-facing initiative to make it happen. He is the author of Extraterrestrial: The First Sign of Intelligent Life Beyond Earth, and has tried to make compelling cases in the past that we might have already seen our first real proof of alien life before. Though, according to him, it didn’t quite look like the flying saucer we might have expected.

In his book, Loeb describes a space rock effectively called Oumuamua which was first noticed by a telescope all the way back in 2017. The quarter-mile-long space rock, cylindrically shaped, made a pass by our Sun coming from the direction of the star Vega. There wasn’t a picture of it, but Loeb has claimed there is a good chance this was alien in nature, possibly a scout ship sent to our solar system because of its weird characteristics. 

Will this new project yield the kind of proof-positive picture we need to know UFOs are out there? That’s unclear. But this does seem at least like the best chance.