Government Officials Confirm UFOs Are Real

By Faith McKay | 1 week ago


Luis Elizondo says that he began working for the Pentagon’s Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program in 2008. Meaning, he began studying what the government knew about UFOs. Two years later, he led the AATIP and did so for seven years. During that time, he says he had to face the shocking realization that the Pentagon actually knows that extraterrestrial life is out there, has technology more advanced than ours, and that reality was something different than he thought it was.

On top of these revelations, he had concerns. If the United States is running into UFOs with advanced technology, then other governments will be running into this, as well. He felt there was a serious threat to national security, and that with the Pentagon’s attention on keeping this information secret, that threat was made a lot worse. Keeping the information secret meant important people were not addressing the issues. With the reasoning, he says that in 2017, he felt forced to resign from his position because he could not in good conscience continue being part of the secret.

Just what kinds of UFOs did Luis Elizondo study while he worked for the government? Ones that move 60 miles through the air in five seconds. That’s a speed of 43,200 miles per hour. He says their speed of descent was 14 miles per second. While it’s fair to say that governments around the world are keeping the fastest speeds of military technology under wraps, it’s also fair to say that we are far off from 43,200 miles per hour. As an example, there is a Boeing plane that can reach a speed of 1,200 miles an hour. That’s very impressive.

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Luis Elizondo has not been shy about speaking out. He recently did a YouTube interview with The New York Post where he answers question after question. At one point, they ask him just how often UFOs like this are being encountered in US military air space. He says that encounters vary, but it’s often once a week, and that it would be odd for a month to go by without a sighting.

After resigning from his position, Luis Elizondo began speaking publicly about what he discovered while working for the United States government. Unsurprisingly, he faces a lot of opposition. He told The New York Post that while working at the Pentagon, other officials didn’t want the public to know the truth about UFOs because of “religious objections, concerns over tarnishing its own reputation and fears of inciting public panic.”

Since Elizondo began speaking out about UFOs and what the government knows, officials have been trying to discredit him. They’ve said there is no evidence that he has ever worked at the Pentagon at all, which is true enough. If you work for secretive government agencies, how do you prove it? At the same time, officials have issued statements saying Elizondo is the real deal. Senator Harry Reid wrote a letter saying that Elizondo did, in fact, head up investigations for UFOs. See the tweet with the letter below.

Luis Elizondo’s public proclamations have made him controversial, definitely. It will be interesting to see how his reports line up with what the government decides to reveal when they release their anticipated report on UFOs in June this year. Elizondo may have a lot to tell the public about anything the report leaves out.