UFOs Spotted Flying In Formation Over Utah

By Rick Gonzales | 3 months ago

ufo saucers

The invasion is happening. The little green people from outer space are on their way and instead of arriving in just one UFO or two flying saucers, they are here in droves, as one onlooker put it “90 or more.”

This long line of UFO lights was seen in the stormy Utah skies around 5:30 a.m. in the morning on February 11, 2021, and Jennifer Campbell was just one of many who saw this potential invasion. Campbell, who lives in West Valley City, Utah, had video rolling as she looked out her window at what many felt were a string of UFOs. You can hear Campbell start the video with, “And they’re still coming,” to which an unnamed man responds with, “And I wasn’t recording. I was so excited I forgot to hit the record button. I think I counted like, what, 90 if not more.” The video goes on for another minute or so, showing the early morning sky over Utah and a long string of lights.

Unsure of what she was seeing, Campbell decided to investigate the UFO sighting by giving a call to ABC4 in Utah. In turn, they went to a local meteorologist Adam Carroll to query what it could be. Adam said via ABC4, “There was a lot of cloud cover with the approaching storm. We should call the Air Force first.” Smart call. Utah was having night flying operations going on throughout April from Hill Air Force Base, so maybe that was part of their operation. But a spokesperson from the Base’s 388th Fighter Wing quickly shot down that notion. “We were not flying this morning; maybe it was the Starlink Satellites?”

Image courtesy of ABC4, taken by Jenn Campbell 

Elon Musk and his Starlink Satellites. That is exactly what the UFO sightings were. But what exactly are the Starlink Satellites and why are they appearing in the sky over Utah looking very much like a Martian invasion? First off, Musk is attempting to cover the entire globe with these satellites in order to provide internet connection for all. He is hoping to offer full-on internet service, at a fraction of the cost (which no longer seems to be a fraction), to everyone, everywhere, from the biggest cities around the world to the smallest places one could ever hope to enjoy their streaming services.

The project began back in 2015 and since that time Musk and company have been taking the Starlink Satellites to low space via SpaceX and layering our atmosphere with internet connectivity. It is the way these satellites are designed that can sometimes give them the appearance of UFOs. The satellites, as they make their way around the globe, catch the reflection of the sun, giving them the appearance of a new constellation, or even the possibility of UFOs. As for that morning in the sky over West Valley, Utah, the SpaceX Starlink website announced that the satellites could be seen for a full two minutes and that their status was “bright.” Hence the idea of invading UFOs.

This isn’t the only “UFO sighting” Musk’s Starlink Satellites have caused, and it most assuredly won’t be the last. Musk sends 60 satellites each time they go up and so far, they have over 1,030 in the sky. Plans are for 12,000 to be deployed with the possibility of an additional 30,000 to fully cover the world.

You can’t blame Campbell or any of the others jumping to the UFO conclusion. UFOs have been in the news (as we have so eloquently reported) quite a bit lately with the US Navy releasing videos of potential UFO activity, as well as other UFO sightings from Hawaii to Vegas to the Florida coast. While Musk can explain away this last “sighting”, the others are much more difficult to address. In fact, the Pentagon has begun to throw money into what they are dubbing the Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon Task Force (UAPTF) to help address the many recent UFO sightings. The creation of this task force will theoretically appease the public’s appetite for answers though that remains to be seen. In the meantime, the US Navy didn’t so much address what they saw when they released the three previously leaked UFO videos, Gimbal, GoFast, and FlIR1, only acknowledging their existence.

There is something out there, quite possibly many somethings. Just try not to mistake them for UFOs.