Add Uruguay To The List Of Countries Investigating Sudden UFO Sightings

There could have been another UFO sighting in Uruguay after multiple reports of lights in the sky.

By Lyndon Nicholas | Updated


Something is in the air these days, and it’s not just the clouds. ​There has been an inundation of UFO sightings in the media this past week, with multiple reports out of the United States, Canada, and China surfacing about operations to shoot down various flying objects. Now, according to a Tweet from @disclosetv, another UFO sighting may have occurred in Uruguay. 

The tweet shares an image of a message from the Uruguayan Air Force. It details that on Friday, February 10th, residents of the Termas de Almiron area complained of “flashing lights in the sky.” Although the Uruguayan Air Force has not been able to retrieve any objects, they are taking action. 

CRIDOVNI, the Commission Receiver and Investigator of Complaints of Unidentified Flying Objects, has deployed a number of officials to investigate the incident, but they haven’t released any conclusive evidence as to the cause of the lights. As of now, reports of a UFO have not been confirmed or denied.  

The account @disclosetv has been reporting on this and other UFO sightings. Those interested can stay updated with @disclosetv’s reporting via Twitter or via their website

This news comes after a string of UFO sightings across the globe. Since February 4th, there have been a number of other UFO sightings spanning countries and continents. The most recent occurrence in the United States was on Sunday when an object flying in US air space was taken down over Lake Huron Sunday afternoon.

Earlier in the weekend, a US F-22 shot down another object over Alaska on Friday. The United States also coordinated with the Canadian government in order to shoot down a UFO that had crossed over into Canadian airspace. from Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau gave the order to have the UFO shot down. The object may have been the same one spotted flying over Montana a day earlier.

Some interesting aspects of that report emerged in the media. Pilots who encountered the object reported that it had scrambled their sensor systems. Unlike the balloon shot down on the 4th, this object was cylindrical in shape and flew much lower at an altitude of about 40,000 feet.

It’s important to note that the term UFO simply relates to unidentified flying objects, and does not necessarily denote any alien or extraterrestrial origin. The United States government is working on extracting the debris from the downed objects to ascertain their origins and intent. Although officials have been tight-lipped about details from their findings, it is highly unlikely that these objects have any extraterrestrial origins. 

These UFO sightings may be part of a more general trend. There could be heightened awareness around UFOs after the US Air Force shot down what they called a Chinese surveillance balloon on February 4th. President Joe Biden ordered forces to shoot it down off the coast of South Carolina.

The fiasco has led to heightened tension between the United States and China. It is part of a complicated series of interactions between the two countries when it comes to surveillance. The United States has multiple military bases surrounding Chinese territories and regularly monitors Chinese military movement.

This report out of Uruguay could mean that the fervor of UFO sightings is taking hold at an international level. It will be something for news outlets to track as the weeks progress. This could be the beginning of a trend of sightings across the globe.