Take A Tour Of The Lunar Surface Courtesy Of NASA

By David Wharton | 8 years ago

To this day, mankind’s forays to the Moon remain some of our species’ greatest accomplishments. And while it’s been several decades since we last stepped foot on the lunar surface, organizations such as NASA have continued observing and studying our nearest neighbor, and we now have a better sense of the Moon’s overall surface than ever before. And while we probably won’t see commercial spaceflight advance far enough in our lifetime that we’ll be able to take a lunar expedition over vacation, we can at least get a virtual tour courtesy of NASA.

It’s easy to take the Moon for granted, because there are so many amazing sights from our universe that are being discovered, whereas the Moon has always just kind of been there for us. But the Moon is covered with amazing sights that give us insights into not only its history, but also how other rocky planets, in our own solar system and elsewhere, might have developed over time. NASA’s “A Narrated Tour of the Moon” includes various scenic stopovers such as Orientale Basin, an impact crater as wide as the distance from New York City to Cincinnati. There’s Shackleton Crater, the depths of which haven’t seen sunlight in over two billion years. You can even see the remnants of our manned expeditions, including the lander segment that remained behind, an abandoned lunar rover, and wheel tracks from where the astronauts went out for a drive. (Shh, don’t tell the “Moon landings were faked” people…)

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