The Most Terrifying Extinction Level Event Yet: The Walken Dead

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Last night on AMC, the amazing Walking Dead premiered with maybe its best episode to date. But we’ve just discovered something even more terrifying than a herd of zombies shuffling past you while you hide under broken down cars and other dead people–The Walken Dead.

You all know the guy. He budges his way into your conversations at parties and then fills the air with Christopher Walken quotes but can’t quite pull off Walken’s iconic meter. One of them is easy enough to avoid, just move away and don’t acknowledge their presence. But what about dozens of them, uncontrollably spouting line and trying to eat your flesh!? This my friends is The Walken Dead. Watch at your own risk, not recommended for pregnant women or those with heart disorders.

The video is the brainchild of POYKPAC Comedy led by writer/director Ryan Hunter, an aspiring comedy troupe out of Brooklyn who, like most comedy troupes, are using YouTube as their soapbox.

We all love Christopher Walken, but the POYKPAC crew have created a world where Walken overload is running rampant and it’s not enough to just stay out of their grasp, you also will be driven crazy by their relentless quoting. Great job, guys. Oh, and you should all definitely be watching The Walking Dead. Season one is on Netflix and is only six episode long. Go get caught up!