A College Student Just Blew Up His Dorm Trying To Make Rocket Fuel, See The Pics

By James Brizuela | 3 months ago

rocket fuel

What is college for if not experimentation and having fun while being away from home? Well, sometimes college students have a bit too much fun. Instead of the usual story about parties and drinking too much, a student at Brigham Young University attempted to make his own rocket fuel in the kitchen of his dorm room. As you may have guessed, that was a bad idea, and the homemade concoction exploded into a massive fireball, which completely charred the kitchen portion of the dorm. Thankfully no one was hurt. You can see some of the pics below:

One pic shows the kitchen area scorched with black marks from the exploding rocket fuel that engulfed that part of the dorm room, while the other two show what looks to be the water damage caused by the sprinkler system that went off due to the fire. It’s good to know that the security measures in place worked like a charm and none of the people in that dorm building were hurt, including the mad scientist who created the mess. A reported 22 students were displaced due to the fire, water damage from the sprinkler system, and extensive damage to the building. The police at BYU made a clear-cut statement on the situation, “keep your experiments in the lab.” Great advice.

Thankfully the fire department made it quick enough to save most of the room and the building from truly going up in flames, though the rocket fuel has certainly caused a ton of damage. Police at the scene claimed they still have no idea why this student was attempting to make such a thing on his stove. A spokesperson for the police, Jeff Long, claimed that he doesn’t believe there was harmful intent with the experiment but says there could be criminal charges filed. According to Long, “We’re not going to rule that out (charges). I mean, it was pretty reckless.”

Now while we applaud the idea that some eager student was attempting to make his own rocket fuel as part of his major or studies, he certainly shouldn’t be doing the said experiment in the comfort of his home. It truly doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that playing with explosive material in a standard kitchen would be a horrible idea. Some of us can’t even make a grilled cheese sandwich without getting burned in the process. The reports don’t say anything about the student being disciplined, but we can imagine that there would be some sort of probation involved. If students can get in trouble for letting their grades drop, he is sure to be in trouble for flooding everyone’s dorm rooms.

The incident, which was dubbed “Rocket Man” by BYU police, is one that will surely be talked about for years on end. The student might even become a campus legend or be hated by those students who now have to move out of their dorms. This unnamed student will have to remember not to play with a highly explosive chemical like rocket fuel in such an enclosed area. At the very least, don’t play with fire in a room that isn’t even large enough to house a traditional bathroom. We all see the toilet in the living room, with the seat up.