Star Wars Themes Performed Through Cosplay, Violin, And A Capella Equals A Win-Win-Win

By Nick Venable | Updated

I know somebody watched the video last year of Nick McKaig performing an a capella version of the Star Wars main theme and thought to themselves, “This is a pretty solid video and all, but what we really need is more violin. And more cowbell, but I could do without the cowbell.” A hundred trips to the wishing well later, and the ridiculously talented tag team of cosplay violinist Lindsey Stirling and a capella maestro Peter Hollens have put together a Star Wars medley that easily provokes the same sense of epic heroism that John Williams’ original score does so well.

If this were just performed on a stage (or in a cantina) full of cheering fans, it would be one thing, but the cosplay and production design seen here are both aces. There are deserts, forested areas, and dark corridors. There are Jedi robes, Wookies, Leia hairbuns, Darth Vaders, lightsabers and even a Boba Fett giving his best “Come at me, bro!” If you just imagine a planet blowing up in the background, then this is the perfect video.

I have a feeling I’m going to be vocalizing the beginning of the Imperial March for the next few days. “Dom dom davittydom, dabbittydavittydom.” I also feel the need to lurk around more often.

This is hardly the only way these two guys have unleashed their genius upon the world. As part of the University of Orgeon a capella group On the Rocks, Hollens has performed tons of songs of both a geeky and non-geeky nature. The group reached national audiences with their inclusion on the reality competition The Sing Off a few years ago. Here’s the group’s performance of that old standard, Europe’s The Final Countdown. The only thing it’s missing is an appearance from Will Arnett doing a magic act.

On the flip side, Stirling has been wowing fans for years with her seemingly endless skillset with a violin, creating both original music and arranging covers and medleys from various areas of pop culture. She’s performed Macklemore’s “Thrift Shop,” Imagine Dragons’ “Radioactive,” the Game of Thrones and Halo themes, plus a ton of others. And just as impressive as the music are the videos she creates, where the costumes and her body language make each of her videos true slices of art. Below, you’ll find her playing a medley from The Legend of Zelda. Maybe not the best of the bunch, but it made me totally want a blue tunic.

This is the way.

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