The Star Wars Kid Finds New Hope With His New Career

By Rudie Obias | 8 years ago

Remember that Star Wars Kid? Yes, that kid who made a video of him twirling two golf clubs to make a double-edged lightsaber like he was Darth Maul. That kid that made history to become one of the first viral videos on the Internet. Well he’s all grown up now and he’s teaching people about the failed US invasion of Quebec.

It looks like years of “combat” have served Ghyslain Raza well, now 24, as he is a curator for the Three Rivers’ Military Museum in Quebec. The museum’s latest exhibit showcases pieces from the Conquest of 1760, which led to the formation of the nation of Quebec in 1815.

Ghyslain Raza was only 14 years old when he made the video but it doesn’t seem like it has haunted his future. The video was discovered by four of his classmates and distributed online via email, message boards and forums. Despite it being leaked before the golden age of Youtube, the viral video was seen by millions of viewers in the early 2000s. The embarrassment of the video led Raza to depression when his parents sued the families of his classmates, who were responsible for the leak and distribution, for $250,000. Raza later studied law at McGill University in Montreal and is now curator of the Military Museum in Three Rivers, Quebec.

This video is still an online sensation today and is truly part of Internet pop culture. It was spoofed by TV shows like Arrested Development, Family Guy and on The Colbert Report. May the Force be with you, Ghyslain.

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