New Star Trek Comic Series Will Boldly Go Where The Movie Franchise Still Hasn’t Gone Before

By Josh Tyler | 10 years ago

In 2009 director JJ Abrams and his team launched a bold new direction for the Star Trek franchise by creating a completely new universe for our familiar and beloved characters to play around in. With that sandbox laid out before them, Abrams immediately set out to… do something else.

The Star Trek sequels we all had in our heads after the end of that surprisingly great movie just haven’t happened and, while there seems to be some movement on them at last, it’s going to be a long time before we see Kirk, Spock, and McCoy back on screen again.

But now you can see them in print.

Tomorrow IDW launches an all new Star Trek comic series based in the universe created by the 2009 movie. They’ll kick things off with a comic which re-envisions the classic Trek episode “Where No Man Has Gone Before”. You remember that one, it’s the ep where Gary Mitchell goes crazy after getting god powers.

While I’m not exactly keen to see remakes of classic Trek (after all isn’t the whole point of creating this new universe so they can do new things?), this is just the beginning. Presumably they’ll eventually start doing original stories set in this new Trek world. And that’s when I’ll get interested.

In the meantime it starts with a rehash of the whole Gary Mitchell incident. The comics are being overseen by 2009 Trek writer Roberto Orci, so it should all fit together. Look for Star Trek comics on sale, starting tomorrow.