Spend A Night In A Gundam Themed Hotel Room

By Rudie Obias | Published

Have you ever wanted to sleep inside of a robot? The closest chance you’ll get would be in Tokyo, Japan. Opening this month on Odaiba Island, the Grand Pacific Le Daiba hotel will be the must-stop destination for any anime fan. They are the first hotels to offer Gundam themed hotel rooms in Japan. And standing in front of the hotel is an impressive 1:1 scale Gundam RX78-2 statue. Now this is epic…

These “Room-G Special Type” double rooms are full of cockpit shaped desks, Gundam themed paintings and stationary, Amuro Ray toilets and images of Lalah Sune, the “star student” of Professor Flanagan of the series, staring at you from the bar. The rooms also come with a special Gundam themed menu for room service.

For about ¥26,000 (or $340US) a night, you can stay in a full service replica of Earth Federation or Zeon themed rooms. The special rooms come with tickets to the new Gundam Front Tokyo entertainment complex, which serves as a theme park and museum to the series. This is a small price to pay for any fan of the Gundam anime. The hotel also offers “Room-G Standard Type” single rooms that are less expensive and smaller.

The Japanese have really embraced geek culture more than Americans. Although there are a few Star Wars themed hotel rooms at the Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, it doesn’t compare to this level of spectacle. Wouldn’t you like to see a 1:1 scale replica of the Millennium Falcon outside of the hotel?