See SpaceX’s Dragon Capsule Fly Under The International Space Station

By Josh Tyler | 9 years ago

On Tuesday SpaceX began its historic mission to be the first privately organization to send a capsule the the International Space Station with the launch of its Falcon 9 rocket, carrying the Dragon orbital capsule. Dragon is up there now, orbiting the planet and being put through its paces as a prelude leading up to its connection with the ISS.

So far the test flight has gone perfectly and tomorrow will be the big day when Dragon will perform a loop of the International Space Station before attempting to rendezvous with our permanently orbiting satellite to deliver supplies (and James Doohan’s ashes) to the waiting astronaut crew.

Right now it’s orbiting beneath the station though and they can see it out their window. The following video shows a very, very tiny Dragon off in the distance passing below the ISS…

Not a lot to see there but of course that’s always been the problem with space travel. It seems pretty exciting in theory but in practice it’s a lot of boring nothing punctuated by massive distances.

Dragon should get a lot closer to the ISS tomorrow, hopefully we’ll have an even better look at it then.