Space Mountain And Marriage Proposals Make A Fine Combination

By Nick Venable | 7 years ago

space mountainMarriage proposals can be a tricky thing. You want them to be special, but then you also want to make damned sure that the other person is going to say yes before a bunch of effort goes into popping the question. Some people go for picturesque scenery to make their life-changing offer, like the top of a mountain, while others choose something a little more off the beaten path, like the inside of Space Mountain! We’d suggest following it up by consummating the engagement in a Teacup, but that might not go over well with park security.

Above you see Craig and Lindsay, a couple who have been together for four years, with a lot of it revolving around Disney‘s theme parks and films. As Lindsay told Disney’s blog, “We have had Annual passes for most of our four-year relationship, and many of our early dates involved watching movies like Up and Tangled.” Little did she know that their most recent visit would involve the most exciting roller coaster ride of her life.

As far as planning the Space Mountain proposal, Craig said he’s originally planned on having a ring and verbally asking her on the ride, but his friends warned him of the risks attached to such a lofty goal. (What better way to spend your time at Disney than looking for a lost engagement ring in the dark?) So he wisely just hid the ring, along with his very special shirt, with which he fought to get the letters ironed on. And below is the absolutely fabulous final product.

space mountain

Those faces are about as priceless as one could ever hope for. As they went over to look at their pictures from the ride, she was dumbfounded by what she saw, only to turn around and have Craig drop to his knee awaiting an answer. “Needless to say,” she said needlessly, “I was over the moon!” Perhaps the moon would be a suitable place for the wedding to happen, followed by a honeymoon on Tatooine.

This is one of the coolest marriage proposals we’ve come across at GFR, and it didn’t involve building a giant Transformer or anything. Plus, it wasn’t quite as busy as the flash-mob proposal seen below, also at Disney.

We here at GFR wish Craig and Lindsay’s love goes to infinity and beyond. And to all you mopes who proposed inside of a restaurant or at a waterfall or something, we hope you guys are happy too.