Space Fashion: Hubble Telescope Will Walk The Runway

By Josh Tyler | Published

In the past outer-space themed fashion has been mostly limited to the rockets on astrophysicist Neil de Grasse Tyson’s geeky ties. That may be about to change though, thanks to the fashion designers at Shadowplay NYC.

The company was founded by two graduates of Parsons The New School for Design named Ximena Chouza and Ali Bennaim. If that school sounds familiar, it’s probably because you’ve watched Project Runway. That’s the school where host Tim Gunn earned his fashion stripes.

Ximena Chouza and Ali Bennaim have put together a line of clothing based entirely on Hubble Telescope photos. The Hubble has become an almost indelible part of our culture since it’s launch into orbit in 1990. Since then photos taken by it have appeared with regularity on television, in movies, on billboards, and in magazines. Now they’ll be on clothes, hand-made clothes no less.

Take a look…

Buy Shadowplay NYC’s Hubble clothes right here.