South Korean Super Gun Can Target You From 3km Away

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

Who needs snipers anyway? Not South Korea, for one. A new advanced weapons system developed by the defense contractors DoDaam can lock onto and blast a target from up to three kilometers away. Called the Super Aegis 2, you can mount almost any kind of weapon you want on this, from machineguns to surface-to-air missiles. That’s right, you can set these things up to fire rockets at your enemies.

Using two cameras—one low-light, the other with thermal-imaging capabilities—Super Aegis 2 requires no human presence at the controls. And this is how Skynet begins, and we are one step closer to the epic robot wars depicted in the Terminator movies. Or at least this is like something straight out of a new videogame.

The designers of the weapon say it could feasibly be used along the heavily armed demilitarized zone that separates North and South Korea. It could lessen the human and fiscal resources devoted to patrolling the border, and in the event of real world combat, it could cut down the number of potential casualties. There are strict guidelines for what weapons the two sides can point at each other, but who knows how that’ll turn out?

However things shake out in the Korean border conflict, those of us looking to create a super-impenetrable fortress, or maybe just keep squirrels out of the yard, have a fancy new tool with which to repel unwanted invaders of all varieties. Those bushy-tailed tree-rats better look out.

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