Solar Energy Satellite May Be First Step In Solving The Energy Crisis

By Will LeBlanc | 9 years ago

It’s become abundantly clear that the Earth’s limited supply of oil isn’t going to last forever. Heck, it may not even last us another 50 years. With so much of today’s world powered by gas or built by machines that require gas and oil to function, we’re going to be in for a crude awakening when that last barrel is bled from our planet.

Enter NASA, the horribly under-funded organization that the government would rather forget about. Guess what, government? These guys may have a solution to our energy crisis, so maybe you should cut your war funding, lose the top-tier tax breaks, and give these guys some dough…

I digress. NASA engineer John Mankins has invented a device that will collect solar energy from outer space, then transmit that energy back to Earth to be distributed. According to, the large satellite will be shaped like a flower, mimicking the natural process that a flower’s petals use to collect solar energy, and will be covered in small, curved mirrors to help capture as much light as possible to be converted to usable energy. The project is being undertaken by Artemis Innovation Management Solutions and has been given initial funding by NASA. Since this will be such a big project, Artemis will be using this first injection of cash to conduct “proof of concept and feasibility” studies to demonstrate that they deserve more funding for phase two. That will be a smaller version of the final product that will be sent into low Earth orbit to prove, on a smaller scale, that these satellites will function as proposed. Only then will Artemis be able to create their first full-scale version of the satellite.

The project, although initially proposed last summer, is still in its infancy, so don’t expect too much news out of this camp for some time. However, with something this potentially Earth-changing, Artemis will likely be devoting as many resources as possible to getting this thing into orbit. More to come as soon as the project moves forward.