See The Terrifying Video Of A Man Surrounded By Massive Deadly Snakes

By Apeksha Bagchi | 4 weeks ago

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Imagine sitting next to massive, deadly snakes that possess the ability to kill you in one swipe? Even the mental picture alone is enough to our hearts racing but not for Jay Brewer, the owner of Prehistoric Pets in Fountain Valley, who regularly posts videos of himself handling the most dangerous snakes and escaping their deadliest attacks with shocking ease. And this time, he has taken it a step further by nestling comfortably with not one but countless giant snakes!

Jay Brewer recently took to his Instagram page to post the jaw-dropping video wherein he is seemingly “stuck” in an enclosure on a wall while huge snakes, including a gigantic python, slither around lithely by him, totally unperturbed by his presence. In the video, Brewer, who is followed by 4.8 million people on Instagram, thanks his followers before jokingly adding that he is stuck where he is and will likely spend the night there with the snakes who seem to have no plans of abandoning their spot. You can watch the video below:

In the caption for the video, he cautions his followers to not attempt his stunt of cuddling with snakes at home and ensures that his unique brand of entertaining antics will continue. For those watching, Jay Brewer and his unbelievable videos for the first time, the video may come across as something of a shocker but his regular followers are well aware that the expert handler is in no immediate danger in the video. Nonetheless, as usual, it is impressive to see the incredible feats Brewer can pull off and how completely at ease he is with wild animals like these snakes that have been labeled dangerous by humans who find their instinct to protect themselves and their own threatening. 

As mentioned above, this is not the first time where snakes-expert Jay Brewer has blown away his followers with his spectacular snakes videos and in fact, the above entry is nothing compared to the last few posts by the zookeeper/pet shop owner. A few weeks ago, Brewer posted a video of a 20-foot long mama snake covered with a blue felt material in the beginning. Brewer is seen explaining the different snakes’ behaviors to some visitors as the python is busy protecting her eggs. He tries to distract the snake in order to get his hands on her eggs. While it’s the cameraman the snake is initially focused on, as Brewer spikes up his attempts to sneak out her eggs and tries to put her in a large enclosure, she lunges and takes a swipe at his forearm. Some people just handle encounters with snakes better than others.

Though he laughs it off at the moment, he later shows that he bleeding from the snake bite, which was deep despite the thick material of the jacket he was wearing. But Brewer being Brewer, still found the situation with these snakes hilarious even as he commented that it is the worst bite he has received despite having protective clothing. He then proceeded to show the different bites he’d received recently from snakes on other parts of his body, before jokingly proclaiming that perhaps “it’s time to go on vacation.” Well, though Brewer is having too much fun to actually take a break, we definitely need a breather after watching him being cuddle buddies with giant snakes, getting bitten by them, and brushing it off as if it’s nothing, whew!