Dozens Of Snakes Slithered Onto A Busy Road, See One Brave Man Attempt A Rescue

By Doug Norrie | 8 seconds ago


How do you spend your mornings? I like to get a fresh cup of coffee, take stock of the day, and sit quietly with my thoughts in a reflective state of oneness with my surroundings. That’s one way to take things. Another is to do what the guy in the video below does: chuck tons of snakes off the side of the road to avoid them getting hit by cars. We are just built differently I guess. In the latest evidence that snakes are taking over our world, we get a video of a guy joining their legions and aiding them in the cause. 

It isn’t known where this video originated but it was posted on Reddit as an example of what some folks are willing to do to help out their favorite reptiles. We see what feels like hundreds of snakes just off the side of the road, on the opposite side of the guardrail. There are some bystanders watching this modern-day serpent hero grabbing each massive snake and willy-nilly chucking them back off into the underbrush. Just when it seems like these things are going to overrun the road, and likely then get run over, they are gone from sight. Check it out. 

One of the funnier comments from Reddit, which also definitely seems like it could be the case, was when someone rang in with, “Some guy below is like ‘what the hell? I just threw them up there.” That definitely speaks to the scene. And there were plenty of other sophomoric takes about the situation. But the fact remains that this guy was doing a service to these reptiles, ensuring their safety at a time when that was most assuredly in doubt. Considering each snake appeared to be at least 2-3 feet long, these weren’t some standard little pet store prize. And the man in the video clearly looks like he’s been around this proverbial block before. There isn’t any hesitation in his movements, confident that if he grabs them by the end he can chuck back into the brush with impunity. 

Look, stories involving snakes these days don’t necessarily always have happy endings like this one. I’m considering the snakes avoiding a road flattening positive. We’ve heard stories about snakes being used as makeshift locks by landlords who are looking to keep tenants off the premise. And then there was the dude who used a deadly cobra as a makeshift murder weapon. Or the time a guy sat down on a toilet, got a snakebite, and ended up in medical journals because he needed scrotal reconstruction. These are rough shouts of the highest order. 

So seeing a man helping the snakes out before they reach an untimely demise can pull on the scale-y heartstrings. Not all snakes are bad. Most are completely harmless even if they are offputtingly huge. So making sure they don’t suffer the fate of a busy roadway is an admiral move by this guy. And judging by his swift movements and the bevy of onlookers, this isn’t the first time he’s done this kind of thing.