See The Massive, Deadly Snakes Removed From Local Park

By Doug Norrie | 1 month ago

snake snakes

If it feels like you need to be on the lookout for snakes around every corner these days, it makes total sense. It sure seems like these reptiles are appearing in the most unlikely of places. And sometimes they are even much bigger versions than any reasonable person would expect to see out in the “wild” of a local park. That was the case this week when some massive and deadly snakes were found slithering around a local park, most definitely out of place for the habitat. 

This latest sighting of snakes happened in Camas, Washington where local animal control along with the police department was dispatched to a park to round up python snakes in the vicinity. While one shouldn’t have expected to see any python snakes in this particular park, eight were captured in total. That’s a disturbing number of these guys around considering they are typically only found in Africa, Asia, Australia if not in a home terrarium. But the local authorities had to grab them all in this situation. Check out the pictures and the sizes of these snakes. 

The accompanying note by the Camas city government tried to remind residents to not release their pet snakes into the local environment. That’s because there was only one way pythons could have been found in the Washington state area and that’s because some residents decided to dump them there. Because this isn’t the natural habitat for the snakes, it’s really the only logical reason they would have been found in these woods. 

The captured snakes ranged in length from three to six feet and are constrictors. That means they don’t release venom into their enemies, but rather will suffocate them out in the wild. While these ball pythons aren’t a direct threat to humans even with their massive size, it’s completely irresponsible to release them into an environment for which they aren’t equipped. According to reports, authorities were able to round them up and take them to a local shelter that would attempt to place them in new homes. 

These kinds of snake sightings aren’t anything new. They’ve been happening more and more over the last year with snakes being found in the most unlikely of places. Recently, a Georgia woman found a large grouping of snakes under her bed after they’d apparently been displaced from a local construction site. There was also the story of renters finding snakes in their ceiling only to have the landlord say he wouldn’t remove them. 

python snakes

On the more adorable side, there was the time when a group of gorillas in a Disney theme park made the discovery that snakes were living in their enclosure. But it’s not always as benign, recently a hiker in Maryland was bitten by a copperhead rattlesnake while on a hike in a local park. The damage was minimal, but this situation could have turned real bad, real quick. In all, keep your head on a swivel folks. Snakes have been showing up in every nook and cranny in our world.