Snakes Found Living In Walls And It’s More Common Than You Think

By Apeksha Bagchi | 3 months ago


In case you are planning on settling in Lowcountry, South Carolina, keep in mind that spectacular sights, pre-Civil War homes, and moss-covered historic villages are not the only things waiting for you. What else, you ask? Well, there are high chances that your residence in Lowcountry will not just be your home as it will be playing host to many different types of rodents which will attract the most unwelcome guests: snakes, something that a Charleston resident recently discovered living in his walls with its newborn babies!

David Adams, who works as an animal wrangler captures wilful animals and releases them in their respectable habitats for Alpha Wildlife, recently shared with WYFF4, how he came across a unique case. A homeowner in Charleston called him in after he found a snake in his house but the most shocking thing he discovered was a clutch of eggs the snake had laid behind an outlet. The snake, a rat snake to be precise, had laid about 15-20 eggs that had all hatched!

The snake in question, who was about 2-foot-long, was captured and subsequently released some 25 miles away in a habitat. But the real problem was tracking down and trapping all the baby snakes loose in the house. The fact that they are yet to round up all the baby snakes proves what a difficult task they have in hand!


But Adam assures that despite their reputation and the drama that ensues when someone spots them slithering around their houses, snakes are very timid creatures that actually detest being around humans. They feel our approach through the vibrations and will be seen running in the opposite direction to put as much distance between us and them as possible. While snakes, especially the venomous ones do prove to be dangerous, the ones like this rat snake are not only harmless (they mostly eat only eggs, birds, small lizards, and rodents) but are also necessary for our environment. 

“They are good for the food chain. They are not bad. They are not going to hurt you,” Adam shared. 

Though a snake can be harmless, seeing one in your house is enough to scare the life out of someone. And turns out, finding a snake in your house or discovering its nest behind an outlet is not that uncommon in Lowcountry. The area is known for its major rodent infestation problem, thus every house has its hefty share of rodents, which in turn attract snakes that are hunting for food. 

grass snake

Adam explained that even if one doesn’t see rodents in their house, they are most probably there and end up bringing the snakes to the house, who comes for food but end up sticking around when they find a suitable spot that is warm, safe, and comfortable. 

But in case you are not someone who is an expert in differentiating venomous snakes from harmless ones, you are better off keeping your distance if you find one in your house and calling in help instead. It seems like you need to be more aware of potential snakes in your house than you previously thought. Make sure to check those wall sockets before plugging in your phone charger. There just might be a serpent and their babies hiding out in there.