See A Huge Snake Slither Across Windshield Of A Speeding Car

By Doug Norrie | 2 weeks ago


You are out for a lazy weekend drive, enjoying the scenery in your family caravan, maybe listening to some tunes on the radio while you breezily contemplate the relaxed nature of human existence. And then, without warning a giant snake slithers across your windshield while you barrel down the highway, shattering the extreme calm of the day while making you think you’ve now entered some kind of horror movie. Such was the case in the latest video making its rounds on YouTube. A massive snake just plops itself on a car windshield like this is a perfectly normal occurrence. 

The video was uploaded by YouTube account ViralHog and shows a car speeding down the road when all of a sudden a snake appears first on the hood, just hanging out like he isn’t about to get splattered all over the windshield. It moves around a bit before actually making its way towards the driver. Here check out the video for yourself and tell me how you would react if this happened to you out on a lazy drive. 

This latest video is clearly taken outside of the United States because the car is traveling on the left side of the road. Either that or the driver has some other serious issues. It’s unclear what snake species this is, but the snake looks like it might have dropped out of a tree off the side of the road, why it landed on the hood of the car so unceremoniously. From there, the drivers thankfully decide to pull off to the side of the road, unwilling to continue the trip with a snake slithering all over the place. Does the snake jump off? Nope, it decides to make its presence felt even more by displaying just how big it is all over the windshield of the parked car. 

The video ends without us knowing exactly how the snake was ever removed from the car. My guess, based on what happened up until this point, is that the folks in the car decided to just let it play out until it made its way back into nature. I can’t imagine there was any part of them that wanted to get out and wrestle with this thing until it was free and clear of the windshield and hood. Would you? Feels like this is the exact situation you just keep butts planted in the seat and let the snake do its thing out there. 

We’ve seen plenty of folks encounter the random snake or many at the most inopportune time. There have been sightings in grocery stores and in walls, under beds, at weddings, and just hanging out in trees in the middle of the park. They seem to be everywhere these days with people capturing a snake here and there in the most unlikely of places. But you would never think speeding down the highway would be a spot to have a snake just hitch a ride. If that’s the case then really nowhere is safe.