Snake Found Living On Grocery Store Shelves, See The Photos

By Doug Norrie | 4 weeks ago


If you suffer from ophidiophobia then the recent run of news around snakes likely has you pushing up the edges of your own sanity. Because it sure seems like these things have been spotted everywhere lately and a lot of those places aren’t where you’d expect or want to see them. And today’s news isn’t slowing down the snake talk at all. Far from it. WRAL reported that a snake was found at a local Target store, and it wasn’t in the pet section. 

The snake in question was found in a store in Apex, North Carolina when a local woman was happily going about her day looking for a can of beans. Instead of being able to load up on a bunch of cans, she was dealt another surprise. It was a black rat snake slithering over the top of the shelf. The woman said that at first, she thought it was simply a child’s toy that had been misplaced on the shelf. And then it started moving. Check out the video of what happens when you don’t have your guard up at all times with these snakes:

The woman reported the snake sighting to the folks at the Target store and they identified it as a black rat snake. Thankfully, those aren’t the poisonous variety so there was never any real danger in the situation. It’s mostly just unsettling to encounter reptiles, really of any variety in places where you’d least expect them. 

Pest control was brought in to take care of the snake and also do a sweep of the store looking for any other buggers hanging out. There could have been some in the hot dog or buns section if they had split up looking to get goods for a barbecue. But this looked like a one-off incident with this particular snake. 

Unfortunately, as I said, this is a bad time if you get a little sketchy and squirmy around any snake variety. There have been reports all over the place of the reptiles showing up and surprising folks. There was another grocery incident, this one in Sydney, Australia where a big snake crawled out of the lettuce at a local Aldi. Plus there was a report of a giant snake coming out of the ocean near the Great Barrier Reef. 

And that’s not all, recently walkers in a Pittsburgh park came around the corner to find a massive snake hanging out in a tree. This thing was enormous and more than a little disturbing to come across on a leisurely stroll. No one was injured or attacked in any of these sightings, so thank goodness for small favors. But it isn’t amazing nonetheless. 

In all, I don’t think you need to be on high alert next time you’re out there shopping for beans, worried about having something slither across the nearest can. But there’s no denying these incidents are picking up in frequency. So best keep a keen eye out for a snake in a place you wouldn’t assume.