See A National Geographic Star Let His Two-Year-Old Son Handle A Massive Deadly Snake

By Doug Norrie | 15 seconds ago


I don’t know how you spend time with your kids, but my days usually involve us playing board games, or maybe a lazy walk in a park. Sometimes we get really crazy and do the monkey bars at the playground. But not Matt Wright boy. This guy has a whole different level of father-daughter bonding time. Recently, the National Geographic star posted a video on Instagram of his daughter wrestling a massive, deadly snake. And to be honest, she already looks like a pro at it. 

Matt Wright is the self-described Outback Wrangler on National Geographic and in his video, he is showing his daughter the ins and outs of handling snakes significantly bigger than her. Things start off with her grabbing the tail end of the snake and Matt is yelling directions to help the process. Though it looks a little bit harrowing, it’s clear that Wright is an expert in this respect and there isn’t likely any significant danger. And darned if it isn’t cute when the kid realizes something might have gone wrong and needs to run to dad for a little guidance. Check out this awesome video on Instagram:

The video has been viewed over 389,000 times on Matt Wright’s Instagram with comments ranging from praise about how Wright is teaching his daughter about the finer points of snake handling to some condemning that it sends the wrong message. Some handwringing did ensue from the internet armchair quarterbacks who likely don’t realize the context of this video or the level of expertise Wright brings to the table. Frankly, I’m all for what he’s doing here, clearly in control of the situation and understanding any present danger. It didn’t really look like there was any. 

Matt Wright has a significant following on Instagram (381k) in part because he is the host of National Geographic’s Monster Croc Wrangler. On the show, Wright is described as an expert in all manners of Australian wildlife. On the show, he is tasked with moving and removing deadly animals off of people’s properties. It can include a massive snake like this one, but he’s dealt with crocodiles, buffaloes, and even polar bears before. If there was anyone qualified to show his young child the specifics around dealing with reptiles like this, Wright is the guy. 

Additionally, part of what Matt Wright espouses is the gentle and non-violent removal of animals from certain situations, avoiding killing them whenever necessary. This is important when looking at his Instagram video and how he teaches his daughter to deal with the snake. He is coaching her on how to not get bitten, but also how to not hurt the snake. Again, it’s adorable. 

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Should everyone at home go out and let their kid loose with a five-foot snake in the backyard like Matt Wright? Of course not. Don’t be silly, but also don’t let this video make it seem like the dude isn’t taking great care with this kind of teaching. After all, he is more than qualified to impart some reptilian wisdom to his own kids.