Snake Photographed Catching And Eating A Huge Fish

By Rick Gonzales | 3 weeks ago

Instead of seeing snakes going after unsuspecting people or flying high via water pressure from an irrigation pipe, we finally get to see a snake doing what they do in their own environment.

This latest group of snake pictures comes courtesy of Connie Larance and the Facebook page North Texas through your lens. According to Larance, she was in the process of weed-eating around her home on Lake Graham when movement to her left caught her attention. Apparently, her weed-eating disturbed a snake while it was chowing down on its lunch.

The snake, identified as a Diamondback water snake, which is a non-venomous species, had a large fish and was in the process of snacking when Ms. Larance disturbed it. The quick-thinking Larance took out her phone and grabbed a couple of solid shots of the snake working the fish. You can check them out on their page.

Another Diamondback Water Snake out of the water

While it appears the fish is much too big for the snake, that is hardly the case when a snake goes after its prey. Diamondback water snakes, while scary in appearance, do not pose a threat when encountered by humans. Typically, the snake, when on the hunt for food, will hang on branches suspended above the water as it waits for its prey. It will then dip its head underwater, waiting for the fish to get close.

You can find the Diamondback water snake basking in the sun and when approached, the snake will drop into the water, swimming away quickly. If you happen to come across the snake in a position where they are cornered, it will hiss and give the appearance of a much larger snake so as to scare off the human intruder. On rare occasions, they may strike, but this is only for protection. The bite has been known to be painful as they have sharp teeth which they need to hold onto fish.

The North Texas through your lens Facebook page describes itself as “THE place to post your awesome pics, meet other photographers, get tips and help or to just say hi.” The page also notes that it was created as a way for North Texas photographers to share their amazing pictures. As the page is affiliated with the WFAA TV station, users who post to the page are also giving consent to WFAA to use said pictures on-air, online, or across social media while giving the photographer the proper credit.

Encountering a snake in its natural habitat can be a scary proposition for many. Finding snakes where they are not expected takes that fear to a whole different level. We recently reported on a North Carolina woman, Heatherly Noble, who had a scary encounter with a Black racer while trimming the hedges in her front yard.

The incident, which was caught on Noble’s security camera, shows the unsuspecting woman first get bit by the snake, then after it raises up out of the bushes for another strike, how a panicked Noble fell backward off the ladder she was standing. For her troubles, Noble destroyed her knee and hip, while also receiving a bite to her hand. Thankfully for Noble, the Black racer is non-venomous.

Chances are the North Carolina woman would much rather have had her snake experience resemble Ms. Larance’s. The amazing, and sometimes frightening, things nature gives us.