See The Enormous Snake Discovered Outside Home

By Faith McKay | 1 month ago


The Burmese python is native to Southeast Asia. It’s not something a homeowner in New York state would expect to see in their driveway. However, for one Suffolk County homeowner, that’s what happened. Not knowing what else to do about the giant snake in their driveway, they called the police, who stopped by to take care of the situation, but not before they took some selfies with it. How often are you going to get the opportunity to hold a Burmese python, right?

See the photo of the giant snake with the police officers in the video below.

Before taking the selfie, the police officers used a garbage can to catch the giant snake. They took the animal to the Veterinary Medical Center of Long Island. Now, though, officials are struggling to figure out what exactly to do with a Burmese python after discovering one in the American suburbs. The homeowners called the local police, not knowing who else to call. While the officers have removed the snake from the property, they’re now contacting other authorities to figure out what to do. The Suffolk Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has gotten involved in the case. They’re on the hunt for a properly licensed facility that can handle a snake like this.

At this point, ABC News reports that no one is sure where the snake came from. The most likely scenario is that this was someone’s pet. The reasonable next question is of course, “Do Americans keep Burmese pythons as pets?” And yes, they do. These snakes can grow fifteen to twenty feet long and get up to 200 pounds. Enthusiasts for these animals as pets say that they make great companions if you have the right facility and the ability to take care of this animal. They’re not particularly fast animals. They travel at about one mile per hour. It’s unclear how far this snake may have traveled before it was spotted in the homeowner’s driveway, but that kind of speed does make it seem likely that if the reptile was a pet, it likely originated somewhere nearby.

In the Southeast United States, the Burmese python is actually considered an invasive species. This is due to the pet trade. They’re impacting Florida’s ecosystems and becoming a real problem for the state.


Since we don’t know where the snake came from, it’s hard to say how it came to be in the driveway. It’s entirely possible that it was a pet, and that the pet owner was responsible, and things just happen sometimes. While this may be a sign that their facility wasn’t properly equipped, it’s fair to say that the slithering critters are good at getting to where they aren’t expected to be. You would think that a python is so large that they couldn’t simply sneak into places, but they’ve been known to be found hiding in bathrooms. Smaller snakes are found in all kinds of places, including on public transport. For snake enthusiasts, that may not be such a bad thing.