See World’s Largest Snake Lifted Up By A Crane

By Doug Norrie | 1 month ago


If you are an ophidiophobia type of person then this video is going to be a real tough scene. In a video straight out of the movie Anaconda, we have a crane picking up a massive (and this is a complete understatement) snake out of the jungle. Believe me when I tell you that you aren’t going to believe this. The snake measures about eleventy-billion feet long and probably weighs about as much as a freight train. Again, I’m rounding a bit up with these numbers but the snake really is huge. 

The video was taken, apparently, in the Dominica rainforest which is located in the Caribbean Sea. Though the location is being disputed. It apparently happened when part of the region was being cleared and a crane was being used for part of the operation. The vehicle ends up actually lifting this massive thing off the ground and basically presenting it for onlookers who were calm enough to snap off the video. Check this thing out. 

Wow. Just wow. While the species of snake wasn’t identified here, according to multiple reports it may have been a boa constrictor. Those are native to this region of Dominica and can grow to be at least this big from time to time. This particular snake was being relocated to safety while the cleaning measures were going on. It’s unclear what a new region would look like for something this big that looks like it would take up most people’s backyards. And again, the location of the original video was a bit in question. According to the above video, it was taken in Jarkhand, a state in eastern India. It’s important to pin this down so as to mark off places I never want to visit. At least not if there is the possibility we could stumble past one of these bad boys. 

The exact size of this snake hasn’t been confirmed but there was some internet sleuthing afoot to see if it was the largest snake ever recorded. For instance, by comparison, the reticulated python can reach up to 20+ feet in length. It would appear that this snake was measuring at least that much, but that’s the simple video eyeball test. 

One might remember that the aforementioned movie Anaconda in which the ill-fated group of travelers through the Amazon, encountered the deadly snake. The animatronic snake in that movie reportedly measured 40 feet long, so this one would pale in comparison to that fake thing. But this real one is still a massive beast. It’s unclear if we will ever get an official measurement on this latest snake. With discrepancies already out there in terms of where the snake was even found, getting a ruler up next to it to measure it down to the inch might be impossible. But what is clear is that monsters still exist in this world. And you might not always be going around with a crane in order to pick up enormous snakes if they slither across your path.