Smart Deodorant—Because We Can’t Be Trusted With Our Own Hygiene

By Joelle Renstrom | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

clickstickSeriously, when will the smart trend end? Pretty soon we’ll have smart forks to help us eat…oh wait. Okay, so pretty soon someone will come up with a smart bra…no, that won’t work either. Damn. Well, if there’s anything out that there hasn’t been turned into a smart gadget, your time is coming. Proof? We now have smart deodorant.

I’ve always really struggled with deodorant. That twisting you have to do to get the deodorant stick up over the plastic container, the remembering to put it on every day. It’s been on the top of my list of concerns for a while, and finally, someone’s figured out a way to simplify the process. Meet the ClickStick, an eco-friendly deodorant with a “magic button.” Hey, it was designed by a couple of aerospace engineering grad students at Princeton — this is rocket science deodorant!

ClickStick is currently in the midst of a — you guessed it — Kickstarter campaign. It’s halfway to its $55,000 goal, because there are a lot of dirty and lazy people out there, apparently (no offense if you’re a backer!) Everyone’s gotten deodorant stains on their clothes before. I guess it depends whether you put deodorant on before you get dressed and risk the transfer of deodorant onto your shirt when you pull it on, or whether you get dressed first and then use deodorant. In the event of the latter, even if you try really hard not to get any deodorant on your clothes, somehow there’s always a white streak somewhere. But this magic click button does away with that — you can click the button when the deodorant stick is already in your armpit. No more twisting, and, I’m assuming, no more breaking into bits when you accidentally drop it. Plus, who doesn’t want to put on deodorant with one hand — you could use a smart toothbrush with the other.


The ClickStick’s most laudable feature, though, it its reusability. Users can refill it with deodorant (one can choose between ClickStick’s own natural or clinical-strength deodorant, or use their own favorite brand). I never thought specifically about the amount of plastic waste generated by deodorant, but apparently it’s a lot — 145 jumbo jets’ worth, according to ClickStick.

ClickStick also ensures that users get the perfect amount of deodorant each time, thanks to a microprocessor. No more deodorant overdoses. And the thing lights up. Yep. If you ever need to use deodorant when the power’s out, they’ve got you covered. Users can choose between black, white, purple, or chrome — the engraving is optional. And, of course, there’s an app that advises users on the proper deodorant amount, gives reminders to put it on, gathers usage data, and can order refills.

Regardless of what you think of the idea, do yourself a favor and watch the video below. It’s actually just as ridiculous as it should be. Deodorant’s never been more entertaining, so that’s something.