This Smart Computer Desk Is The Future…Of Computer Desks

By Nick Venable | Published

stir kineticPeople like to talk about the “good old days” when things were only better from a subjective standpoint. We here at GFR would much rather live in the present, nay, the future, which is now if you guys were unaware. We may soon have wireless recognition systems, robots that make us coffee, and when we’re not too busy experiencing virtual worlds while wearing the Oculus Rift, we might be surfing the Internet on the Stir Kinetic “Smart Desk,” developed in part to get people off of their asses while they surf, work, and…those other computer things.

So technically we’re not only in the future but also in the past, as the Kinetic actually went on sale a few months back, but I don’t really get a lot of computer desk-related press releases here. In fact, the only thing I do get here at my archaic desk is back aches and an obsession with overeating on the job. So I need a desk that can not only be raised and lowered to standing and sitting heights, but which does it completely touchfree, and often without any input, as it trains itself to match your work habits. The NSA wants to know how you work!

The hardwood and polymer desktop features a small touchscreen that works as the Kinetic’s control panel, where you can set height preferences for whatever position you want, from a 25-inch low to a 51-inch high. It will not only figure out when you like to move and when you’re stationary, but it will also start to guide you to move around more and get you on your feet. It also keeps track of the calories burned (or not), and can also connect to the Internet via WiFi and share your desk-sponsored weight loss. There are also a few compartments on it with cord connectors so you can keep all your wires as out of view as possible. Finally, you can choose between white and “espresso-stained” wood for the top and legs, while the underside gets four different color choices.

In case you’re wondering why we aren’t giving them out as January 28-day presents around here, it’s because each desk costs $3,890, plus tax, with a non-refundable $300 deposit. So unless it can make my wallet fatter than it is at the moment, the Stir Kinetic will only exist to me as that one thing I wrote about just now.

Check out the promo video below. I gotta say, if the desk came with that snazzy chair and giant white room to work in, I might have a bake sale to raise enough money to buy it.