Sex Plants Is A TV Show That Is Happening

By Drew Dietsch | 7 months ago

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Sex Plants might sound like a reference to an uncomfortable scene from The Evil Dead, but it actually is a new documentary series on the way from bite-sized streaming service Quibi. The travel docuseries will be hosted by Jenny Slate (Zootopia) and will trek across the globe to find the most potent aphrodisiacs in the floral world.

In Sex Plants – which it should be said is a working title at the moment – Jenny Slate will be interviewing botanical experts and researchers to learn about all the different aphrodisiacs that Mother Nature has to offer. Whether it be roots, flowers, or even the bark of trees, this new series plans to broaden the conversation about sex and help create an aura of sex positivity. The show will also focus on Slate discussing these elements with experts and “sex plant pioneers.”

Sex Plants will be an interesting experiment for Quibi. The streaming service landscape is overflowing and the mobile-focused platform is reportedly struggling. There is even talk of potentially selling the streaming platform to keep it above water. Thankfully, Quibi just picked up two Emmys for another documentary series, #FreeRayshawn. This should keep them in the conversation as far as critics are concerned. Whether or not Sex Plants would be equally as critically acclaimed remains to be seen.

Jenny Slate is certainly at an interesting point in her career. Sex Plants will be her first announced project after being released from the Netflix animated series Big Mouth. Slate was the voice actress for Missy, one of the show’s Black characters. When a movement to raise awareness towards POC characters being performed by non-POC voice actors gained traction, Slate was one of the first voice actors to be removed from a project. Slate does not seem to have any resentment towards the decision, calling her choice to voice Missy “flawed.”

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Sex Plants could certainly be an invigorating new direction for Jenny Slate’s career. The actress is primarily known for her comedic roles. and it is not clear at this point if Slate would be bringing a comedic edge to the docuseries. Considering that Quibi is aimed at younger viewers, it is likely to assume that the documentary show would have a comedic hook. Slate’s presence seems to imply that. But, maybe it could be played a little more straightfaced? At this point, anything is possible.

Outside of those Emmy wins for #FreeRayshawn, Quibi has clearly been struggling to make an impact in the overcrowded world of streaming. The initial hook of “bite-sized” content was a curious one and the platform did its best to nab some high-profile talent right out the gate. Unfortunately, none of the Quibi shows have become must-see programs. Word of mouth is one of the most powerful marketing tools in the entertainment industry and Quibi has not been able to capitalize on that.

Could Sex Plants be the show that turns it all around for Quibi? The safe money is on “no.” Still, it is great to see more programming getting made that attempts to make discussions about sex more commonplace. Here’s hoping Sex Plants can open up a few eyes.

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