See A Python Attack A Man And Constrict Him In Harrowing Footage

A video on Instagram shows a python biting a man's hand and constricting him immediately.

By James Brizuela | Published

snake python

Working with wild animals is always filled with the huge risk that the said animal is going to go after whoever has captured it, or even times for those trying to free the animal. A new video has appeared on Instagram that shows a snake wrangler violently attacked by a python, that bites his hand and instantly tries to constrict him. The onlookers head to the man’s aid, which you can see in the video below, but if you get squeamish, you may want to look away.

We are not sure what the above person or persons did to capture the giant python, but we would imagine that the snake is not happy about being placed in the box it came springing out of. A woman springs into action as well to attempt to help the man being attacked, though she is holding a child, which means she should be far away from an animal that could easily kill the child. This is not the first instance of these giant reptiles killing people, and there have been many instances where entire bodies of people were found in the belly of these giant snakes.

In the Jambi province of Indonesia, a woman reportedly was found in a 7-meter-long python. Another report indicated another woman was found in the body of a giant python on the island of Muna. We understand that these snakes might provide some sort of nourishment for the people in these areas, but they are wildly strong and violent when they need to be. The above video is just a huge reminder that wild animals are called “wild” for a reason, especially when they are threatened in any way.

python snake

Nature is certainly nothing to be trifled with, and there is a big reason why humans don’t go waltzing through jungles that contain huge pythons, or any manner of the dangerous animals that live within the thick and forested areas. Granted, there are those cultures that live amongst this jungle and find their food by heading into these jungles, but it does not mean they are not in constant danger when they do so. We would imagine that trying to stuff a giant python into a glass box was not going to go the way the people in the video had hoped.

There are about five people trying to rescue the man from the python’s grasp, which just proves how powerful these reptiles are. Hopefully, the man is fine after such a harrowing event, but we would imagine that his hand has likely received some substantial damage. One of the people in the video also attempts to use a weapon to deter the giant snake, which does not help.

Let this be a lesson to those of you who want to look at a python up close. Be wary of the fact that this animal can snap at any moment while delivering a fierce bite and could swallow you if it had the chance. It’s best to leave wild animals alone.