Scientists Want To Search The Moon For Aliens

By Josh Tyler | 9 years ago

We all know that the moon is a lifeless barren rock incapable of supporting life. Humanity gave up on the ideas of intelligent life living on the moon shortly after we figured out it wasn’t made of green cheese. But now scientists at Arizona State University think we may have overlooked something, and are urging SETI to search old photos and records of the lunar surface for signs of extraterrestrials.

Their point as outlined in this paper is that after decades of observation scientists now have huge databases of records detailing not just the moon but the sky around the Earth. The believe that if intelligent life does exist in the universe, there’s a chance it may have sent a probe to our region of the galaxy. If they did, they’re hoping there might be some sign of it in the existing records and photos they already have.

In particular they think the database of photos taken by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter is a good place to start. If aliens had at some point in our past arrived and attempted to observe Earth, setting up a base on the moon would have been their first move. Even if it happened hundreds or thousands of years ago, some of that evidence may still exist on the Moon’s surface.

Personally I think they saw this video and are now freaked out by the possibility of aliens hanging around in our solar system. Me too guys, me too.

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