Russia Planning An Entire Space Industry, Not Just A Moon Return

By Josh Tyler | 9 years ago

Yesterday we told you about Russia’s plan to put a man on the moon by 2030, but now more details of their intentions towards space have been revealed. It’s not just a return to the moon they’re targeting, but an entire industry in outer space.

Here’s a point by point breakdown of everything Russia wants to accomplish by the year 2030, as reported by Wired:

    – Construction on a new Vostochny cosmodrome is already underway in the east of Russia. Will be completed by 2018.
    – By 2020 Russia plans to have a new, six-seat rocket called the Angara in use, replacing the outdated Soyuz as the backbone of their space fleet.
    – Russian robot probes will be sent to Mars to collect samples.
    – A network of unmanned stations will land and be positioned permanently on Mars.
    – Russian astronauts will land on the moon.
    – Planetary probes will be sent to Venus and Jupiter.
    – They’re considering plans for an orbiting station to replace the International Space Station, which is only funded until 2020.

In particular I’m excited for someone, anyone, to get to Jupiter. NASA recently detected oxygen on one of Saturn’s moons and since Jupiter has even more natural satellites, who knows what we might find there. Maybe even life.

Russia has made a lot of wild space claims in the past, which never actually amounted to anything, but this time it seems like it may be the real deal. The fact that they’ve set a deadline for everything and that construction is already underway on a new facility says a lot. Russia is serious about leading the way into space, and they’re making the right moves to do it.