Robot Steals Sodas From Vending Machine, Giving Other Robots A Bad Name

By Nick Venable | 8 years ago

To cross the language barrier, just head to 1:20 on the timeline to see the device in action. Otherwise, it’s not too hard to get the most basic idea of what’s happening.

It’s almost as if YouTuber IodureMetallique was a spokesman for Pacific Rim‘s recent marketing, but instead of giant freakin’ robots made to destroy monsters, he built a small theivin’ robot to quench his thirst. For entertainment purposes only, of course.

Though I’m not sure what area of the world he’s from, our young hacker/inventor/machinist is of the French-speaking variety, and his soda-stealing robot video is all in French. I don’t think I’m alone in thinking that a good accent makes something as simple as stealing soft drinks that much more tantalizing and attractive.

“Non, Monsieur Pibb ees no substitute for Docteur Peppeur.”

Most of us have probably tried to steal a drink from a vending machine by sticking an arm up through the release tray, using getting a cramp or a scrape in the process. Using a remote control modeled somewhat after an Xbox controller, this wily soda snatcher effortlessly directs his robot’s arm up to one of the drinks, grabs it, and drops it back down, hopefully not on top of the expensive-ass materials used to build this thing.

I’m not sure at what point he’d actually balance the robot’s cost with free drinks, but I’m guessing he’d be spending a couple of days doing this. It’s a far cry from the speedy thieves we see in the movies, but this job only has to get done quickly if super-thirst is the oncoming threat. Just pray you never end up in the crosshairs of the robot jellyfish mob boss.

Even if sodas in vending machines may soon become an endangered species, IodureMetallique has much more up his robotic sleeves. Check out his unique invention that serves as a rainwater counter.