Resident Evil: The Restaurant

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

This fall is going to feature much more Resident Evil than most seasons. The fifth installment in the film franchise, Resident Evil: Retribution, is scheduled for theaters in September, and Resident Evil 6 will be released for all of your favorite gaming platforms in October. All in all there will be many monsters slain by a hot woman in a black unitard.

Because that isn’t enough to sate the massive hunger of fans of the franchise (that was a bad pun), parent company Capcom is opening a Resident Evil-themed restaurant in Shibuya, Japan. Yeah, we think that sounds like a terrible idea, too.

Here is the official restaurant announcement…

Opening July 13th, Screen Crush says the joint is called the Biohazard Café & Grill S.T.A.R.S (the acronym for Special Tactics and Rescue Service). Doesn’t that name just make your mouth water? There isn’t much more appetizing than evoking biohazards and food in the same mouthful.

If this sounds intriguing to you at all, and why wouldn’t it, you should think about booking your trip to Shibuya sooner rather than later. Biohazard Café & Grill won’t be a permanent fixture on the Japanese restaurant scene, as it is only scheduled to stay open for one year. We were hoping for a chain. There is no menu available yet, but why not let your imagination run wild. Is a burger patty shaped like human hand too much to ask?

In addition to food, and, we assume, zombie ambiance, there will be regular “dance performances.” What that means from a practical standpoint remains to be seen. Again, my imagination runs immediately to that viral video of the prisoners dancing to “Thriller.”

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