Predator Motorcycle Helmet Isn’t Invisible, So You Can See How Badass It Is

By Nick Venable | 8 years ago

PredatorI know when I’m riding in my car, I try my best to look impressive to other people. I’ll have my sunglasses on with my windows open, allowing my long hair to flap behind me in the wind. There’s also a discreetly placed cucumber, but only truckers can see it, and that’s not the kind of message I’m putting out there. But it would be so much easier with a motorcycle — looking badass, I mean. Unfortunately, I’m not allowed on anything two-wheeled as per my life warranty.

For anybody else out there clocking miles with only the open air around them, you’ll find no cooler motorcycle helmet than the NLO MOTO Helmet Predator 2, which could serve as everyday headgear for those unafraid of random bouts with aliens in a Paul W.S. Anderson movie. And everyone should be afraid of being in a Paul W.S. Anderson movie. But considering the helmet, minus most of its cool add-ons, will still set you back $780, you might want to take up an acting gig just to pay for it.

So what will that money get you? A 3 1/2-pound fiberglass Predator head based on a certified IXS helmet, and while we assume it’s met safety regulations, we’re making no guarantees. It’s got a removable visor and a few superbright LED lights near the eyes. For some extra dough, you can add a smoke faceshield, a laser-controlled aimer, carbon dreadlock spearheads, a carbon fiber shell, some canines, and improved graphics and airbrushing. So if you want something really top-of-the-line, you’re looking to add another $1,000 to your purchase. Worth it? Look at all of the variations below — just a sampling, mind you — and then make your decision.


helmet 2

There’s always this helmet as a substitution, or you could probably make one out of Legos, but I’m guessing none of them hold a…I ain’t got time to make comparisons. Check out an independent review of the helmet below, and ask yourself why more people aren’t applying to dub voiceovers for YouTube videos.