Power Up The New Panasonic Flashlight With Any Sized Battery You Want

By Nick Venable | 8 years ago

There are few things more immediately mentally debilitating than waking up after the sun goes down and realizing that the power is off. Of course I didn’t charge my phone or tablet, so those aren’t options. The hurricane lamp might as well be in the middle of the gulf, since I can’t remember where I put it. And while my increasingly-electronic household has forced me to keep a large horde of AAA and AA batteries, I’ve apparently neglected to buy anything beyond the poster-child of flashlights, the only things in my house that actually take D batteries, which I haven’t bought in years. I am the beginning of an infomercial.


Luckily, Panasonic has finally created a flashlight for the ages. The BF-BM10 Any Battery Light functions exactly as its name describes, on the power of whatever sized battery you’ve got around. (Except for the 9-volt, which you were too busy pressing your tongue against to use anyway.) Any battery you have! So even if you don’t have a plastic coffin of AAs and AAAs in your utility room like I do, you can just do as you’ve done in the past, and cannibalize whatever remotes, mp3 players, or children’s toys you need to light your way to the front door and make sure the rest of the neighborhood is also dark, and that it isn’t a case of you not paying your electric bill.

As a bonus piece of innovation, you can actually fit all four sizes of battery into the compartment, which you can either cycle through or just let each one get drained as it’s used. The power of four batteries will give users 86 hours of light! That’s over three days! So for those of you who still have shit to do with the Rapture and the plagues come, then feel safe in knowing you’ll have something to guide your way.

It will be released later this month, though I’m not sure in what areas, for a scant $24 dollars, which is about the same price as buying four different battery packs. Hopefully it hits the American market in a timely fashion. Kinda makes you think if Kirk and Spock had some of these, the name of the next movie might be Star Trek Into Well-Lit Spaces. Or maybe it doesn’t.

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