Playboy Has Plans To Put The Grotto In Orbit

By Josh Tyler | 9 years ago

One of the biggest reasons we’ve stopped investing in space travel is that, so far at least, we just haven’t found anything out there that the average person actually wants. Now we may have the solution to that problem. Playboy has published plans to build a space station full of hot babes.

Guys may not be willing to spend their hard earned money on digging up moon rocks, but beautiful women are a proven commodity. Right now Playboy’s plans are nothing but a bouncy blonde dream, but let’s face it, we all want to see what the Bunnies might look like floating around in Zero G.

More than just a place for beautiful women to hang out, the plans include a restaurant, a zero-gravity dance club, human roulette, and of course suites where (if you can find a willing female) you’d be able to join the zero-gravity sex club. See it all in the following concept art:

According to the theoretical space station would use spin to create gravity in key areas so your food won’t float off your plate while you eat in the restaurant, while allowing for zero-G fun in other areas of the construct. Playboy seems to be pitching this to Virgin Galactic, but since Virgin is barely on the verge of putting a ship into orbit, anything this fantastical is probably a long way off. Sadly, we’re unlikely to see Bunnies in space in our lifetime.

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