Play Nearly Every Video Game Ever Made on This Amazing Arcade Machine

By Nick Venable | 8 years ago

Whenever I use the phrase “good old days,” I’m usually referring to the carefree days when I could play video games for as long as I wanted. The games have gotten longer as my availability to play them has been minimized, so my time and focus on them has to be strategic. However, I’ll play any arcade game I put myself in front of, regardless of responsibilities. If I put myself in front of the Jace Hall Signature Series 4, I’d have over 50,000 games to choose from. All of my OCD compulsions just got together and raised a white flag.

For IGN host and Monolith Games founder Jace Hall, Jack Thompson and the ArcadesRFun crew built the ultimate arcade machine, capable of playing over 50,000 games from most consoles and coin-ops, and able to waste away at least 17 lifetimes. It nearly beat out abstinence as the safest sex possible. Even if the massive selection of games was somehow not enough to leave you agog, the ingenuity behind its universal approach certainly will.


Start with the video panel, which is a 55″ Samsung 3D LED Smart TV, along with a 37″ LG marquee display across the top of the cabinet that is loaded with graphics from the multitude of games included. The cabinet body has pull-out cabinets for a PS3, Xbox 360, and Nintendo Wii, all of which are included and installed, as are a host of emulators for other consoles. The controller panel is fully customizable, allowing a full range of different control types for whatever your gaming fancy, including any color of joysticks, spinners, and a rolling trackball, as well as pluggable peripherals like steering wheels, a flight stick, and light guns for all your bear-, terrorist-, and monster-shooting action. If you’re not feeling up to standing around for your game time, it comes with two Xbox 360 controllers that are set up to play any of the emulator games, and the display screen is able to tilt up and down, depending on where you’re sitting. It’s got a Blu-ray player in it, and runs off of an Alienware six-core CPU, with 16 GB of RAM and two 2-terabyte hard drives. For your wall-pounding pleasures, sound comes from a 232-watt Gaming Series speaker with a giant subwoofer. Seriously, the only thing missing is a mini-bar.


Sure, it costs $20,000 and all, plus another $1,000 to ship it, but that just means I have to borrow a dollar from 20,000 of my closest friends, and hope that they’ll let bygones be bygones.

This is the very definition of luxury, and oh what a sweet sweet life mine would be if I owned it. Arcade games are probably the most fun you can have standing up. It’s only challenged by Broom Closet Roleplay when I play the mop bucket, but that’s a story for a different time.

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