The Philip K. Dick Android Is Back!

By Jenny Xu | Updated

Looks like the Philip K. Dick-bot won’t be retiring (or retired) anytime soon. After the original got misplaced a few years ago on a plane trip to California (Rick Deckard, was that you?), Hanson Robotics decided to build a bigger, better version:

Like the original, the new android is modeled after famed science fiction author Philip K. Dick. It looks pretty convincing, with complex facial expressions and the ability to carry on conversations. It can also remember what has been said and can make logical deductions about itself.

The entire project is meant to be an homage to Dick and his works: a fusion of art and science. The original made appearances at various events like NextFest, ComicCon, and AAAI, where it won the Robotics Open Interaction Award.

No word yet as to whether he can pass the Voigt-Kampff test, or if he dreams about electric sheep. About Dick-bot one though, there is as yet still no sign of him. If anyone has any information, please contact [email protected] immediately. Suspicious, very suspicious.