Noodle-Making Robots Take Over China’s Restaurants

By Rudie Obias | 8 years ago

This is Chef Cui. He’s a noodle-making robot from China.

Noodle-making robot Chef Cui.

His maker, Cui Runquan was frustrated with making and shaving noodles by hand over and over again so he invented a robot to cut his job in half. Now Runquan has mass-produced Chef Cui and hopes to sell them to restaurants across China.

Cui Runquan has developed the noodle-making robot with a series of blades that cut slivers from big pieces of noodle dough. The robot also uses a series of windshield wipers to create the up and down motion to quickly cut the noodles with precision.

Runquan had the idea when he was working in his restaurant and explains, “All day long, I used to work beside a pot of boiling water, shaving noodles by hand and pouring them in.” He continued, “It’s hot and steamy work and I thought how wonderful it would be if I could build a robot to do it for me.”

The restaurants that will buy the Chef Cui robot will, literally, cut their budgets in half. The robots cost about $2,000, compared to a chef’s yearly salary of $4,700 in China. But if these robots replace workers then how can workers buy noodles when they have no jobs to pay for them. Some restaurant patrons already believe the noodles made by the Chef Cui robot taste better than the ones made by Cui Runquan himself.

It was reported that Cui Runquan has already sold 3,000 of the noodle-making robots in China. But the big question is why does Chef Cui look so evil? Check out this video of the Chef Cui robot in action…

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