Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s StarTalk Becomes A Web Series

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

Any way you look at it, Neil deGrasse Tyson is pretty damn great. Not only is he a respected astrophysicist, but he’s also something of a pop culture junkie. That is so many kinds of nerdy wrapped up in one. Many of us enjoy it when he comes out and calls bullshit on various sci-fi properties, pointing out just how flawed the science and logic of some films and shows really are. While this could become tedious and pretentious (these are works of fiction we’re talking about, after all, there needs to be some suspension of disbelief), he does it in an engaging, entertaining way.

His science-themed radio show, StarTalkRadio, is a fun blend of science, culture, and opinion. Now you can watch the program on the new StarTalk web series. It’s a blast to see Tyson interact and banter back and forth with his guests, a mixture of scientists as well as actors, comedians, and people from the entertainment world. Check out this episode with astronaut Mike Massimino, John Hodgman, Kristen Schaal, and Eugene Mirman throwing in jokes and random asides.

StarTalk has been picked up by Nerdist, and you can subscribe to the channel to receive this and future episodes. It’s a good time to see this all go down in front of a live audience at the Bell House in Brooklyn. In this scenario, when science and entertainment come together you get something awesome. Let’s hope they have a nice long run together, and we get many, many more installments down the line.

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