NBCUniversal Is Expanding The Syfy Channel To Brazil

By Rudie Obias | Published

syfy channelGet ready to watch new episodes of Eureka and Lost Girl in São Paulo. NBCUniversal International has expanded their global reach in Brazil by teaming up with Brazilian pay TV firm Globosat on Monday. The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that both companies will benefit from this fast-growing TV market.

This partnership will broaden NBCUniversal’s brand in South America and will export one of the centerpieces of their cable brand, the Syfy Channel to many, many homes in Brazil. Along with the Syfy Channel, NBCUniversal will also bring over the movie channel Studio Universal.

This partnership between NBCUniversal and Globosat has been in place in Brazil since 1996 with the Universal Channel Brazil. Kevin MacLellan, the president of international television for NBCUniversal said of the Syfy Channel and Studio Universal expansion…

“We are thrilled to expand our relationship with Globosat; their market leadership and local expertise helped build Universal Channel into a top 10 channel in Brazil, and Syfy and Studio Universal will benefit under their guidance,” he said. “Brazil is a very important market for NBCUniversal, and our enhanced partnership with Globosat will allow us to continue to grow our pay TV operations in the years to come.”

The CEO of Globosat, Alberto Pecegueiro reciprocated by saying of the deal,

“The arrival of NBCUniversal’s new international team, led by [president, NBCUniversal International] Jeff Shell and Kevin MacLellan, has brought a whole new vitality to our joint venture. We are very pleased with the spirit of partnership demonstrated by NBCUniversal and are looking forward to expanding the scope of our businesses.”

There are over 14 million pay TV subscribers in Brazil. That’s 45 million viewers and 1 million of those are new pay TV viewers. Hopefully NBCUniversal can translate Piranhaconda quickly for a Brazilian audience.