NASA Time-Lapses Take Us Through The Mercury And Gemini Missions

By David Wharton | 9 years ago

We’re used to seeing some pretty amazing space footage these days, whether it’s shots of Mars from the Curiosity rover, images of distant nebulae, or scenic vistas of our home planet from the International Space Station. The 21st century doesn’t hold exclusive rights on outer space beauty, however, and for proof you need look no longer than this video comprised of time-lapse footage from NASA’s Mercury and Gemini missions.

Vimeo user Joan did a brilliant job putting this video together, to the point that I would have completely believed that this was something done by NASA itself. Simply focusing on the time-lapse footage itself would have already produced an unforgettable video, but it takes the extra step of accompanying the footage with historical details for each mission, and even throws in a related NASA documentary in the corner for good measure. It’s not just a slickly produced video, it’s a genuinely useful educational tool.

Growing up with a father who was first an astronomy teacher, and later an honest-to-gosh rocket scientist, it’s safe to say I had a bit of a space fixation in my youth. But even with that being the case, it was easy to focus on the Apollo missions. After all, they’re the ones that took us to the Moon, right? It’s nice to see such a video that shines the limelight back on the equally amazing Mercury and Gemini missions that set the stage for the Apollo accomplishments that followed.

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