NASA Says They’ve Found An Unbelievable Number Of Worlds Outside Our Solar System

By James Brizuela | 2 months ago

outer space nasa

Space travel and understanding that we may not be alone in the infinite universe is truly fascinating. Back in the early 1990s, astronomers at NASA discovered two objects that would change our understanding of space. Two exoplanets, otherwise known as extrasolar planets, were discovered. These planets were orbiting an alien star some 2,300 light-years away. As of March 21st, based on peer-reviewed research and using many techniques and methods of analysis, that number has ballooned into 5,005 exoplanets discovered. NASA released a time-lapse video that shows this new number. You can see the video below:

The above video from NASA is equal parts beautiful and frightening all at once. Each planet that is discovered as the years go on, leaves a colored ring and makes a ping sound. While it seems quiet at first, the number begins to climb rather quickly, with each additional planet making a sound that turns into a beautiful song of sorts. The fact that there are 5,005 new planets discovered since 1992 means that there could be more evidence to support that we may not be alone in this infinite-expanding universe. With the Pentagon finally admitting their videos taken with UAPs. When once we called them Unidentified Flying Objects, they have since been classified as Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon. Simply put, there has to be more life than just us out there.

The original three planets were discovered in the 1990s, and that was by using telescopes that are now 30 years old. NASA is currently developing even stronger tools in the already created James Webb Space Telescope and the upcoming Nancy Grace Roman Telescope. The James Webb Telescope is currently in the last phases of its correcting its alignment but was able to catch the image of a star that is 2,000 light-years away and slightly over 16 times brighter than our sun. Fascinating stuff. Now those telescopes can be used to seek and discover stars that are even further away and not part of the staggering 5,005 number that has recently been updated.

NASA planets discovered

The first two planets discovered back in 1992 were 4.3 and 3.9 times the size of the earth. These exoplanets were discovered by Alexander Wolszczan and Dale Frail. A third planet followed shortly after and was only 0.02 the mass of Earth. The third planet was named Lich in 1994. All three had previously gone by Poltergeist, Phobetor, and Draugr in their initial discoveries. With these newly discovered planets that now exceed past 5,000, it has led the NASA community to be that much more excited. An astronomer by the name of Jessie Christiansen spoke on that excitement. According to him, “Each one of them is a new world, a brand-new planet. I get excited about every one (planets) because we don’t know anything about them.” That is certainly the case as the scientists have also concluded that each one of the 5,005 new planets all have differentiating characteristics.

Initially, the only way in which these exoplanets were discovered was due to the pulses that were given off by the Pulsar stars that they orbited. However, another new technique had been developed that measured the gravitational pull of the planets as well. They would wobble a bit as they orbited their stars. This new technique allowed for an additional 3,000 to be discovered. There is no telling how many will be added by NASA with these new even more powerful telescopes. The truth is out there.