Mystery Star Wars: Identities Project Happening?

By Saralyn Smith | 9 years ago

UPDATE! Lucasfilm has revealed what Star Wars Identities is. Full details here.

Often, companies will buy up every possible domain name even tangentially related to projects in the pipeline.  Sometimes the projects never get realized and the domain names go unused, which is why I urge caution with the following news:  Last week, LucasFilm registered several domain names related to something called Star Wars: Identities.

Fusible reports that LucasFilm registered three domain names on November 7:, (for people who might mistype the first address) and  If you’re interested, you can see the whole WHOIS record for at those links.  They don’t really have any more information than that, though.  The domains were purchased, but we do not know for what purpose.  So, of course, wild speculation begins!

Some suggest that it could be a new video game or that additional film trilogy that pops up in discussions from time to time, but IFC thinks it could be something much more mundane (or, at least, less exciting) like “a collectible card game, a new line of Halloween masks, or, our personal favorite, a collection of Burger King glasses emblazoned with Star Wars characters.”

In other vague domain news, Paramount has registered some domains for something called PhantomsLast month, we learned that domain names for a possible Doctor Strange project were registered along with ones for upcoming Iron Man and Thor sequels.

Are these kinds of reveals spoilers that work people up too early for projects that may or may not happen?  Or are they just another potential strategic “leak” to drum up PR?  Star Wars: Identities is on the minds of people in chat rooms and blogs all over the internet – even though we’ve no freaking clue what is.

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