Mexico City Holds Largest Zombie Walk Ever

By Saralyn Smith | 9 years ago

Any city that’s worth its salt seems to be crawling with the undead these days. Genre fans and even fairly mainstream people love taking to the streets in torn up clothing, covered in fake blood and decay.  It’s to be expected that San Diego gets invaded by walkers at Comic Con every year, and pretty much every major city has large scale zombie walks or flash mobs.  People across the globe dress up like ghouls and do the Thriller dance at the same time.  In Minnesota, you can even get your drink on and listen to groups like 2 Live Crew at the annual Zombie Pub Crawl.  And, like any good large scale themed gathering, groups vie for the world records.  The BBC reports that a group in Mexico City may have claimed the record for the largest zombie walk ever held.

It hasn’t been verified or authenticated yet, but organizers say the November 26th Mexico City zombie walk had nearly 10,000 participants.  If it’s true, that would more than double the current Guinness World Record.  That record was set by the New Jersey Zombie Walk in 2010, when 4,093 costumed creepies gathered at Asbury Park. (The group was also a part of the new record for “Most costumed riders on an amusement ride” when 330 zombies rode “Steel Force” in Pennsylvania.)  It would also trump the group in Brisbane, Australia, who amassed 8,000 zombies last month.

Some of the photos of the Mexico City zombie walk are pretty fantastic.  My favorite has to be the Zombie Santa Claus with and exploded, peppermint-looking eyeballs.

Way cooler than the grey faced teens in ketchup-stained tees that seem to make up most of the zombie walks I’ve seen.

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