Mega-Billionaire Wants To Build A Real-Life Jurassic Park Resort

By Rudie Obias | 8 years ago

UPDATE! Since our original post Clive Palmer has come out and denied all reports that he’s planning to build a real-life Jurassic Park. He says, “It’s just a beat-up of a story and untrue.” Our original report follows….


Eccentric Australian mega-billionaire Clive Palmer is interested in cloning a dinosaur for a Jurassic Park-like attraction at one of his resorts in Australia’s Coolum Beach. Palmer has “spared no expense” and has been in talks with the same scientists and researchers who successfully cloned Dolly the sheep at the Roslin Institute in 1996. They’re hoping to re-create dinosaur life from fossilized dino DNA.

The scientific validity of cloning a dinosaur is up for debate and seems virtually impossible. According to the Roslin Institute, finding an appropriate surrogate to carry a dinosaur egg would be difficult to find. It is also unclear if one complete dinosaur cell exists today. The process of cloning would require about 100,000 whole dinosaur cells to successfully clone a living dinosaur.

This isn’t the first time Palmer wanted to bring a movie to life. Earlier this year, there were reports of Palmer working on a replica of RMS Titanic that he wants to use as an ocean liner and casino due to set sail in 2016. Hopefully they’ll have more lifeboats on board than the original Titanic did in 1912.

Palmer also plans to build towering hotels, a 20-story sky needle, and a giant London Eye-style Ferris wheel for his resort, with a monorail system to transport guests to their desired destinations. It seems like Palmer didn’t take the themes of Jurassic Park or Titanic to heart, that tampering with nature and testing the bounds of your hubris can only spell disaster. Maybe Palmer should hire Steven Spielberg and James Cameron to help him bring his vision to life.

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